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Children’s Vision

Good vision is essential for children to reach their full potential. More than 80% of information children receive about the world comes through their eyes. Vision problems can severely impact on a child’s educational, physical and social development.

As children spend a large amount of time at home completing homework, reading, playing video games and watching television, parents play a crucial role in identifying vision problems.  It is important to identify the signs early. 

The following behaviours may indicate a visual problem and a comprehensive eye examination should be performed.

  • Eyes blink frequently
  • Eyes frequently red
  • Eyes water
  • Eyes very sensitive to light
  • Rubs eyes frequently
  • Complains of headaches
  • Complains of blurred or double vision
  • Complains of eyes burning or itching
  • One eye turns in or out 
  • Poor concentration
  • Squinting while watching TV
  • Holds a book very close to read it
  • Loses place while reading
  • Positions head strangely when reading
  • Misses or confuses words when reading
  • Slow in learning to read
  • Covers or closes one eye when reading
  • Tilts head when looking at things
  • Poor sporting ability
  • Trouble seeing in the distance

The Optometrists Association Australia recommends that children have an eye examination every 2 years throughout their schooling.